Our Solutions

The Restworks team will be your partner in workplace wellness and fatigue management.  We will observe the specific patterns and needs of your organization.  From our analysis, we will create a customized plan to provide the products and education necessary to help optimize your workforce for better efficiency on the job and an increased level of physical and emotional well-being.

Workplace napping is not one size fits all.  Our experience and knowledge in the field of sleep position us to be your unique solution for daytime rest for your employees.  We will combine equipment with sleep education to meet the needs of your organization.  Our clients span from medical clinics to athletic teams, start ups with a handful of employees to multi-national corporations with locations around the globe. 

Restworks provides solutions that allow you to satisfy sleep related optimization requirements of the The WELL Building Standard®:

  • Article 89 – Rest Areas
  • Article 90 – Policies + Applications

Contact us to learn more, and be sure to tell us you are aiming to be WELL Certified.

The EnergyPod

The EnergyPod features a timer, music and privacy visor. By providing a dedicated space for rejuvenation, the EnergyPod allows individuals to boost their professional and personal productivity while also helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  • One touch start button activates a 20 minute nap with music, lights and vibration.
  • Recline the napping pod to reduce pressure on the cardiac system by elevating the feet.
  • The visor rotates to block out external light & sounds while providing privacy for the user.


Massage Chair

Our full body massage chair is an ingenious and comprehensive machine, one of the best in the industry. It is simple to use yet offers a depth of experience customization. Most massage chairs aren’t made for the hardship a workplace installation brings but our chairs offer an effective and durable solution.


  • Intelligent sensor technology for accurate automatic body shape and neck detection.
  • Noise reduction technology: super quiet.
  • Full body heat covering feet, seat, and back.


Zero Recliner

Our Zero Recliner is elegant and comfortable, designed to optimally mitigate fatigue in the workplace. Inspired by the gravity neutral chaise developed by NASA to support astronauts during their ascent into orbit, this position relieves the soreness and tension caused by the earth’s constant gravitational pull.


  • Dual motors for both recline and leg support.
  • Articulating headrest and neck-contoured pillow.
  • High quality leather that is soft, smooth and durable.